Highly engaging and entrancing performer. Owns the stage and capable of ENSLAVING each audience member with a rapturous and CAPTIVATING turn each time around!” - Noel Raynos
Nadia is a truly talented and amazing coloratura soprano, her album 'Premiere' is a perfect example of this. The selection of tracks certainly demonstrates her versatility. I cannot praise her enough, listening to her sing always gives me goosebumps. I look forward to watching the future.” - Kevin Wrapson
Out of the lands of the north people comes the legends of Siegfried, Frigg, Freya, the Valkyries, and a stunning soprano with a voice as powerful as the Arctic wind, and as sweet as mead wine.” - Santo Collura
Nadia is a very talented Soprano with a fabulous voice, and her recent Lock down Live Concert was a beautiful, spellbinding musical event. ” - Ron Davis
An awesome talent with tremendous range, there is no wondering why she is always at or near the top of classical and crossover charts. Always in high demand the world over, whether an original composition or cover, once she hits the first note, she owns it. Brava maestra!” - Kenneth Lynch
When I heard Nadia the first time I was blown away, would recommend anyone to go see her!” - Niels Levinsen

— Professional Violinist

World class artist and a pleasure to work with. If you ever have the chance to see her live show, you’ll see what I’m talking about!” - Fausto Zarco

— Professional Drummer

As a 'tech' I've found Nadia is a pleasure to work with. She has impeccable stagecraft and remarkable patience with all those involved in creating a show. As a 'tech' I also get to see and hear her delightful performances bringing characters to life with joy and energy.” - John Alcock

— Professional Lighting Designer

Wonderful soprano and performer!” - Natasha Barbieri

— Classical Crossover Magazine, US